Who we are

We are Lisa and Rogier, a young and sporty couple from the Netherlands. 

We met each other at our speedskating club and now our goal is to make everyone enjoy working out. 

In 2019 Rogier started his own company: RoKo Sports. This company provides sports classes for every level, both individual as in groups. At the moment RoKo Sports serves a variety of sport clubs, schools and day care organizations. Even abroad we provide sports classes in for example Austria.

As part of this company we started RoKo Workouts in 2020. We want to make working out approachable for everyone. That is the reason we make workouts for at home. Our slogan always will be: Enjoy working out! 



She is 27 years young now and very sportive. Since she was a child she was speed skating and doing gymnastics. She was a gymnast for 15 years and took part in several national championships where she was the winner a couple of times. After retiring from the sport she started speed skating again for fun. During her medicine study she regularly did some home workouts via YouTube or the gym. After graduating medical school she started working as a doctor with small children. In her job she realizes more and more that working out is one of the keys of a healthy life. 



The life of the 30 year old Rogier is almost all sports. In his childhood he played different kind of sports. In the end he choose field hockey apart from speed skating for fun. In field hockey, Rogier played on a national level for several years. He also won a few national championships. Apart from playing sports, he did a Sport and Movements study and a study to be a physical education teacher. In daily life he provides multiple sports and physical education classes for his company RoKo Sports. Rogiers’ strength is his enthousiasm and that is what he wants to show in his classes. He believes that having fun is the biggest motivation to work out. This is also the reason why he chooses the slogan of his company: Enjoy working out!


Why RoKo Workouts?

Nowadays there are a lot of workouts you can find on the internet. With RoKo Workouts we want to create short, diverse and efficient workouts. We are living in a society where everyone is busy with all kinds of obligations. That is why working out is not a priority most of the time. You do not have time? Our workouts take 10-15 minutes to complete, no time is not an excuse anymore. You can even do one in your lunch break or during cooking. When you have more time you can always combine multiple workouts. Want more information about our workout format? Go to the page “workout formats”.

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