Workout format

Go to youtube, search for “workout” and you will find lots of videos. Why would you workout wit us? Why are we unique? 

Our format

With our background as a doctor and physical education teacher we chose for the following format:

This is one round in our workout. Depending on the type of workout there are 3 or 4 round after each other. In each round we try to put exercises from one muscle group or position. After those 3 or 4 round are finished, the whole cycle is repeated one more time. In this way you are used to the exercises and the execution will be improved in comparison to the first round. 

25 secondsExercise 1
5 secondsChange position
25 secondsExercise 2
5 secondsChange position
25 secondsExercise 3
30 secondsRest

Why rest in between?

We noticed a lot of youtube workout videos do not have rest periods build in their workouts. Why we do chose for rest in between a round of exercises is because we want you to execute the exercises correctly. When there is a short rest period you can catch your breath and execute the exercises better in comparison with no rest. This will also result in less injuries and a higher success rate AND most importantly, more having fun. 

For us, the quality beats quantity. Besides our quote is: Enjoy working out!

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